| Tropical paradises where to escape in winter
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Tropical paradises where to escape in winter

For those looking for a trip in the heat, to escape this season. Here are 12 unmissable destinations  reported by Forbes .

1. Antigua in the Lesser Antilles is an island devoted to tourism, attracts lovers of surfing and diving. The main areas dedicated to snorkeling are the waters of Cades Reef and Paradise Reef, at Deep Bay where the wreck of the Andes ship is to be visited. Among the most beautiful beaches of the Antilles in absolute Half Moon Bay.

2. It is the coast of the Pacific Ocean near the village of Máncora, in the Piura region of Peru. It is known for its enchanting beaches. From May to November the weather is dry and the days are sunny, even if mitigated by a cool breeze. The coast is characterized by its clear sandy beaches and its crystal clear waters.

3. Kauai (or Kaua’i) is an island in Hawaii, as the whole archipelago has volcanic origins and a generally mountainous terrain. Inside it contains a variety of natural landscapes ranging from rainforest to desert, from mountains to  white sandy beaches .

4. The island of Koh Rong is the second largest in Cambodia, in the Gulf of Thailand. The island has 43 km of beach, there are only four small villages and a dozen  resorts with classic over water bungalows . Relaxation and tranquility are guaranteed.

5. The Gulf overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Bahía de Banderas , which connects Punta de Mita and Puerto Vallarta in Mexico deserves to be mentioned among the places with the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is located in the Mexican state of Nayarit, in the stretch of sea between the two most famous places there is more tranquility and stretches of deserted beach.

6 . Trancoso in Brazil is a location in the Bahia region of Brazil. It is famous for its white , semi-desert beaches . The coast is protected by the coral reef that forms real natural pools. The most famous beaches are: Praia do Espelho, Praia dos Coqueiros, Praia da Pedra Grand and Praia dos Nativos.

7. Exuma is an archipelago of the Bahamas , formed by about 360 islands for 7,300 inhabitants , the largest is Great Exuma, connected with a bridge to the island of Little Exuma. All the islands are collected in over 190 kilometers of ocean: the sea water is a brilliant color that contrasts with the white sand of the coast.

8. The name Costa Esmeralda in Nicaragua makes the idea of ​​what is in this stretch of sea: green water and lush nature. The most pleasant time to visit the Pacific coast in Nicaragua coincides with the first months of the dry season (December and January).

9. The island of Taha’a is part of the Society Islands archipelago, in French Polynesia . It is covered by lush vegetation, mostly composed of coconut palms, is known worldwide for the production of vanilla and for its bungalows built as stilts over the water.

10. Family Island in Australia means a group of islands very close to the coast in the northern region of northern Queensland. Some of them are entirely used as extra-luxury resorts.

11. The island of Saint-Barthélemy, French Antilles, is also known as Saint Barths , is an island of the Antilles, part of the French Overseas Territories, the island has a tropical climate and the best season to visit is one that goes from January to April, during the dry season.

12. At the Fiji Islands the beach is protected by the coral reef and the aspect of the sea is that of a paradisiacal lagoon. The archipelago of Fiji , in the Pacific Ocean, has about 322 islands of which only a third are inhabited.

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