| From the Red Beach to the sunset of Oia, from the Akrotiri site to the fortress of Skaros
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From the Red Beach to the sunset of Oia, from the Akrotiri site to the fortress of Skaros

From the Red Beach to the sunset of Oia, from the Akrotiri site to the fortress of Skaros: 6 beautiful things to see in Santorini.


Oia is, without a doubt, the best place to admire the sunset show . Built in the northern tip of the island, this picturesque village is one of the most picturesque villages of the Cyclades and the restoration works after the earthquake have helped to enhance its beauty. Despite some luxury boutiques in its alleyways and rooms overlooking the caldera, Oia still tries to maintain an old charm and it is here that you will make the exciting meeting with the most photographed blue dome in the world . You do not want to go home without this shot?


During your holiday in Santorini you can not miss a visit to the most beautiful and famous beaches of the island . Along the south-eastern coast , the great rock Mesa Vounodivides two beautiful seaside resorts: Perissa and Kamari. The beach of Perissa is a huge beach of black volcanic sand 8km long , exposed to the winds and therefore perfect for water sports; the most chic version is the beach of Kamari, also of black sand and equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds.

In the south-western part is instead the Red Beach , a small but fascinating tongue of volcanic sand, red and black , surrounded by high reddish rock walls: it is an equipped beach but, given the small size, it is better to reach it in the early morning to avoid the crowds of tourists.


In Santorini you can visit the archaeological site of Akrotiri , an ancient Minoan city buried by volcanic ash during the catastrophic eruption of 1613 BC . Discovered thanks to Professor Spiridion Marinatos , the Minoan Pompeii has seen the light through the archaeological excavations of 1967 and still allows today to observe what has survived the cataclysm: the two- and three-storey buildings, the streets, the sewage system and various tools in common use.


The boat trip to the islets of Paliá Kaméni, Néa Kaméni and Thirassia is one of the main tourist attractions of the island. Thanks to the myriad of tourist agencies you can book your tour, departing from Thira or from Oia , which will take you to the discovery of these small islands still affected by volcanic activity. At Paliá Kaméni you can enjoy all the benefits of Hot Springs: sulfur springs at high temperatures .


It is 2002, Oliver & Craig spend a week of vacation in Santorini and they are completely fascinated … but there is a problem: they have finished their books and there is not a bookshop on the island! In this way, in front of a glass of wine, they decide to open Atlantis Books, which becomes, according to Jeremy Mercer of The Guardian, one of the 10 most beautiful bookstores in the world . A small gem overflowing with books (in Greek, English, French, Spanish, Italian and German), with aphorisms on the walls and their adorable dogs sleeping peacefully in the middle of the shelves. Absolutely unmissable!


Even if you do not know how to do without shopping, Thira will not disappoint you! Among its alleys you can find boutiques of big brands, craft shops, souvenir shops and many jewelers . In short: there is something for all tastes … and for all budgets!

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