| 5 exotic destinations to visit with children
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5 exotic destinations to visit with children

One of the first journeys to which one tends to give up once they have become parents is obviously the “exotic” journey, the one towards the distant destinations that frighten us so much . Children and travel shows you that everything (or almost) is possible.

We all went through the fear of not being able to get on an intercontinental flight, because the people around us, as soon as we become mothers, tell us that traveling with children is impossible. The most fearful believed us. The bravest ones have tried, and in the end they succeeded. Traveling with children is always possible (or almost), just knowing how to organize a minimum and overcome the inevitable fears that pervade all new parents. 
We have put the solution to all the problems (true or presumed) related to traveling with children. Once you read the guide you will understand that the world does not have so many impassable borders and that we can decide to live the travels with our children exactly as we did before (maybe with some extra foresight).

When we recommend a destination to visit with children, we do not do it for fashion or hobby but only for one reason: we went there too!This is the only way to give real and realistic advice! 


It is inevitable for me to start from this destination, one of the most loved of Bimbieviaggi, one of those that most of all have made us known, because thanks to our advice many families have been able to realize the dream of living a holiday in paradise without spending a madness. Low and calm water, clear and rich in fish: the Maldives have the ideal sea for children of all ages!


Sri Lanka is a great island that lends itself well to a first exploration of Asia with children, to discover a culture light years away from us, see a lot of animals and get to know a people still unaccustomed to mass tourism and therefore more “genuine” than many others. Even the sea in Sri Lanka is very beautiful and, if desired, can be combined with a few days at sea in the nearby Maldives


Yes, even India, with due precautions, can be visited with children, for an authentic and profound experience. Michela took us to Kerala, one of the “simplest” regions to explore, while Marco knows India as his pockets and with his Marta has explored it far and wide.


Thailand, the land of smiles, rich and varied for a trip to 360 degrees: from the exploration of a hinterland rich in history, culture and nature, to the knowledge of a people devoted to their king and their religion, to get to the sea, beautiful and for all types of travelers. Large and small islands where you can sunbathe, swim, surf, admire postcard landscapes and take wonderful walks.


Another land rich in history, culture and beautiful movie islands! You go from the big metropolis, Kuala Lumpur, where you meet people from all over the world and where you can climb on the bellisisme Petronas (towers among the highest in the world) up to the small islands lost in the crystalline sea, where live in almost isolation and close contact with nature.

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