| 5 beautiful islands to discover this summer
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5 beautiful islands to discover this summer

The islands , as we well know, have a special charm. Their dimension of distance and peace makes us feel adventurers, curious travelers ready to discover new worlds and to leave behind all worries. White beaches , volcanoes, lush forests, extreme sports, culture and relaxation … If you do not go to the sea alone , here is the best of the islands that our planet can offer to your summer!

Whether they are small tropical atolls , large archipelagos, well-known and very popular islands or little-known islands of our Mediterranean , north or south, the islands of our planet are always able to make us fall in love! Here then are 20 beautiful islands to discover … maybe this summer!

1. Galapagos

The islands with a capital I! This earthly paradise off the coast of Ecuador has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for many years thanks to its incredible wealth of flora and fauna. 90% of the islands have been declared a nature reserve , so plants and animals live undisturbed and offer unique shows in the world. Swim with the sharks , admire the giant turtles and the colorful iguanas , explore the archipelago far and wide: if you want an unforgettable summer, this is the trip for you.

2. Island of Elba

Much closer to us, here is another island that always leaves you speechless and that will make you fall in love again of our local wonders. The island of Elba is beautiful in every season , with its villages overlooking the crystal clear sea of Tuscany , its bays accessible only by boat (or motor scooter!) And of course its cuisine of 10 and praise . The ideal destination for a dream holiday, without spending a fortune!

3. Lanzarote

We fly off the coast of Africa to discover one of the most beautiful islands that make up the Canary archipelago . Welcome to Lanzarote , a wild and fascinating land, rich in uncontaminated landscapes but also a lot of culture and liveliness . Discover the fantastic Cactus Garden , by local artist César Manrique, explore the impressive volcanoesthat dot the island and of course enjoy the beautiful ocean beaches – maybe try a bit of surfing? A summer with flakes, certainly.

4. Maldives

On the other hand, if you can not wait to get far, discovering atolls and coral reefs , the Maldives could be the perfect destination. With a total of 1,192 islands surrounded by the Indian Ocean , this postcard archipelago offers all the most desirable amenities (resort, entertainment, art and shows) but perfectly integrated into a dreamlike natural environment . Fans of snorkelling, white beaches and coconuts will surely find happiness here.

5. Santorini

Let’s go back to our beloved Mediterranean , to take you to an island that, despite its ancient age, never seems to age. We are in the beautiful Cyclades , the flagship of Greece, where suspended between the blue of the sea and the sky stands out the fabulous Santorini : its black volcanic rock blends with the immaculate white of the villages , among whose narrow streets of stone resounds the rhythm of a sirtaki and hovers the scent of fresh bread. Take advantage of the warm winter to see it off-season , when its magic is even stronger.

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